Operations and Technology Transaction Support

Operations and technology can tip the balance of the outcome of virtually any strategic transaction. Getting it wrong can lead to millions of dollars in losses whether through realized risk or missed opportunities. Getting it right can make a good deal great and a great deal one for the history books.

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Operations and Technology Performance Improvement

Few companies can articulate what value they receive in return for their annual investment of of 4-7% of revenues in technology. Reducing technology cost can provide some immediate financial benefit, but most companies stand to gain more by leveraging technology investments to drive operational improvements and increase business value.

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Operations and Technology Sourcing

Companies often spend as much as 7% of their revenues every year on information technology – and even more in property, plant, and equipment – but dedicate less than 6% of their executives’ time managing that spending. Annual investments this large deserve more attention — both to manage the costs and also to make sure that that value is realized.

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