Founded in 2010 to bring Big 4 quality and experience to the middle market, Pathfinder Advisors offers our clients the means to enhance the value of key business events such as mergers and acquisitions, post-merger integration, and turnarounds and restructuring by leveraging the strengths and capabilities of operations and technology, drive business value by optimizing performance of operations and technology, and reduce costs of acquiring and managing operations and technology assets and services.

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Pathfinder Advisors offers a unique advisory experience in which experts do the work rather than those seeking to gain expertise, we bring in valued partners to provide additional expertise even if our revenues realized from the engagement are reduced, and we work to deliver immediate and tangible value rather than to jockey for future engagements that must be completed before value can be realized.

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Everything we do is guided by the groundbreaking Institute of Management Consultants’ Code of Ethics and all Pathfinder Advisors partners and associates are committed to living and promoting a higher standard of service and performance in the consulting industry.

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Pathfinder Advisors is committed to the creation and dissemination of thought leadership, and shares its expertise and experience with clients and non-clients alike, rather than hoarding it away or selling opinion as solution.

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Pathfinder Advisors is dedicated to supporting the communities from which we derive our revenues. We reduce our fees for companies that demonstrate their commitment to the greater good, provide services on a pro-bono basis to select charitable nonprofit organizations, and deliver a seminar called “The Business Case For Pro-Bono Consulting… Or How To Benefit From Doing The Right Thing” to encourage and help other professionals do the same.

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Pathfinder Advisors is dedicated to helping equity investors, boards of directors, senior business executives, and technology executives in every industry spend less on operations and technology while at the same time driving business improvements that increase both top-line and bottom-line performance.

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